Weekly Update

Wednesday 26th February 2014

Hello friends,

Welcome to the weekly update, and it’s just a quick message this week to tide you guys over until the next instalment of our In Flames game is ready. If you haven’t already, take a look at our first 3 games to get you up to speed.

However, we didn’t want to leave all you guys hanging and we have a couple of website we think all of you need to see! Most of us will at some point have toyed with the idea of making up our own world or even our own game system. Well that’s just what these guys have done!

Orpherischt of Reddit has created the fantasy realm of Tormentosa, a world of powerful lords and mysterious magic. Drawing on real world history and geography, Orpherischt presents this world in the form of handwritten books and maps that can be used as artefacts in-game, and the artwork he has produced is stunning! His website is a must for all budding world builders and GMs alike.

For those of you looking for something a bit more sci-fi, God_Boy07 has what you need. Fragged Empire is a post-post apocalyptic world were humans as we know them are dead and genetically engineered beings fight to establish a new world order. Complete with its own bespoke rules system and one of the most awesome websites on the net, this is a game that deserves some love.

And finally, Andomone of Reddit has made a couple of games that are available from our good friends at drivethrurpg. Big, Bad Hunters is a detective story set in a twisted fairy tale world, and Children of the Aesir is a norse inspired adventure in which the players take on the roles of several characters in order to survive a deadly dungeon. Both games sound really unique and offer something different to bring to the table, we here at Ding-IRL are looking forward to giving one of them a go in the near future.

So what worlds have you created? Have you made up your own system or just have an idea for an epic adventure? Why not lets us know about it, drop us a line at our Contact us page or find us on Facebook, Reddit or Twitter and let us know all about your creative masterworks. Or if you have played one of the games we have just mentioned then why not let us and all the other Ding-heads out there how it went.

Next week, we will be bringing you the next instalment of In Flames, will tattooed man’s plans be revealed before the players get arrested? Find out here at Ding-IRL.

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